Why should I buy an air purifier?

Why should I buy an air purifier? This is what I asked myself when someone recommended one to me. It always seemed like a bit too much, something only rich people would buy because they could, not because it was necessary. So, I didn’t get one. Until a few months had passed and I started having the worst asthma attacks. I had always suffered from asthma, but not in a severe form and nothing like this. Suddenly, I started feeling short of breath after almost everything that I did that required some above average physical labour. For example, when I had vacuum cleaned the house I just had to sit down to catch my breath, I’ve never had these kind of problems! Unfortunately, my asthma cannot be fixed and I still don’t know what caused these heavy attacks. However, the air purifier that I bought from Winix had made my life inside the house a lot better! After all this drama, I decided that it was time to follow the advice and finally purchase one. Actually, I bought multiple ones for in multiple rooms! It makes the air in my house a lot cleaner, because although air might look clean, most of the time it isn’t. You may not notice this when you’re completely healthy, but once you suffer from something, clean air might actually help you more than you think!

Do you not really believe in the wonders of the air purifier or are you interested in buying one? Then you should read on, because in this article I am going to tell you all about the benefits of this magnificent creation!

What does an air purifier really do?

You might think that the quality of the air inside your house is much better than the quality of the air outside with all the emission of exhaust gases coming from cars, trucks and other sorts of motorized vehicles. Think again! The World Health Organisation (WHO) has conducted a research which shows that the air indoors is actually of worse quality than the air outdoors. The air inside your home is 10 to 30 times more polluted. This is where an air purifier comes in quite handy! 

An air purifier is great for when you have asthma, but also when you suffer from hay fever from time to time or if you have any other difficulties with breathing. Either if it’s because of some illness that you suffer from or just a tickle in your throat that keeps coming back, an air purifier is good for everyone!

Where do I put it?

Once you purchase an air purifier you should make the most effective use out of it. Put it in the rooms that you spend the most time for the best result! For example:

  • In your living room 
  • In your bed room 
  • In your office 
  • In the bed rooms of your children 

If you can’t choose where to put it, you can get more than one air purifier!

For you to get the most out of your air purifier, you should put it in a strategic place. For example, near a window or a door. Above that, you should always leave it on, so that it can keep the air purified constantly. This is why you can get an air purifier with a sleep mode that makes as little sound as possible for when you wish to place one in your bedroom. 

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