Where to buy a luxurious Marbella property

Marbella is one of the most popular destinations in Spain when it comes to tourism. The city is part of Andalusia, which covers the entire South region of the country. Of all the cities in Andalusia, Marbella has the most glamorous resort vibe, and is therefor a popular holiday destination for the rich and famous. Many of them own a Marbella property themselves, which is probably bought with the help of realista. realista is a high class real estate agency, that focuses solely on the most luxurious properties in the entire region of Andalusia. Finding a fancy Marbella property on their website is easy, being able to afford it is a bit more difficult. realista offers only quality real estate, where in most cases, you can instantly move in. We’re talking furnished homes, decorated with only the finest materials and accessories. However, they also have many unfurnished homes available, for those willing to do that themselves. A Marbella property close to the center for example, that you can decorate to your taste, or a penthouse in the hills close to the city, realista has it all.

How to find your new Marbella property?

If you’re looking for a luxurious Marbella property, realista offers you the help you need. And apart from the real estate services they offer, you can also hire them to help you with the following things:

  • Obtaining finance
  • The legal process
  • Decorating and furnishing
  • Renting and reselling

So if you’ve found your dream Marbella property and wish to buy it, realista can advise and help you with getting a mortgage in Spain, getting all the proper paperwork and even with decorating the place. They work together with some of the best interior stylists that have a lot of experience furnishing and decorating luxurious properties. They know everything about the use of materials and how to create a balance between the interior and exterior. Of course you can decorate the place by yourself if you wish to, but wouldn’t it be amazing if an actual interior designer had a look at it? If your new, luxurious home breathes the exact vibe you want it to? Furnishing and decorating seems easier than it actually is, and you’d be surprised by what realista’s interior designers can do for your home.

Why buy a Marbella property?

Of all the cities in Andalusia, Marbella is one of the prettiest ones. Its gastronomic scene is beyond luxurious, and offers you everything from vegetarian and vegan cafes to Michelin-starred restaurants. Its boulevard is cosy and clean, and of course the beach is one of the main reasons for the popularity of this beautiful Andalusian city. Buying a Marbella property to be able to enjoy the Spanish sun whenever you want might be the biggest gift you can get yourself, because this lovely city at the Spanish coast won’t let you down. Living in Marbella, wether parttime or fulltime, gives you the best of what Spain has to offer, and more. So if you’re still hesitating about the perfect location of your yet to buy Spanish holiday home, you should definitely consider buying a Marbella property at realista, because Marbella really is a Spanish delight on its own.