What is the best way to start a bv in The Netherlands?

The best time to start a bv in The Netherlands is now, do not hesitate any longer because the time is now. And what exactly is the best way to start a bv in the Netherlands? We want to tell you why, how and when you can start a bv in the Netherlands. First, there will follow some general things about the bv, because what kind of things should you take into consideration when you think about setting up a business in The Netherlands? Starting your company in The Netherlands can be difficult, but not if you use the help of intracompany solutions. They dedicate themselves to support entrepreneurs with everything that the entrepreneurs need to start the bv in The Netherlands: from starting a Netherlands business to assistance with a bank account, everything is possible if you make use of the help of intercompanysolutions.com. This will be explained in the last part of this blog.

The ‚Besloten vennootschap‘: a bv in The Netherlands

The bv is the most commonly used legal person in The Netherlands the bv is similar to foreign legal persons such as a GmbH, or a Limited, but also a BVBA. Usually, the board of the bv makes descisions regarding day-to-day business affairs. What are important advantages of the bv? The most important advantages of a BV are:
  • Start-up capital is not required in order to set up a bv
  • The bv is liable for its own debts: you as a person are not personally liable for the bv’s debts. Only the amount that you have paid in shares can be used to pay off (mainly) creditors
  • The profits of the bv are taxed at a minimum rate of 25%
And of course there are disadvantages too, these are amongst others the following:
  • The bv is always liable for corporation tax in The Netherlands
  • A bv must publish parts of its accounts on the website of the Chamber of Commerce each year
There are more advantages and disadvantages, but these are the most important if you ask us. And Intercompany Solutions is a well known brand in The Netherlands and also abroad. They are a well known brand as a trusted incorporating agent in The Netherlands. We will explain what they can do for you. 

What about intercompanysolutions.com

Yes, you can start your bv in The Netherlands with the help of Intercompany Solutions. Within several days they are able to finalize the incorporation process of helping you to start a bv in The Netherlands but you can choose for a different legal form as well of course. There are procedures for remote formations. In short, why should you choose for Intercompany Solutions? There is a 100% satisfaction guaranteed and they have helped clients from 50+ different countries. There are more than 500 companies formed and they do respond 24 hours per day, every day of the week. And they have a lot of business law experts. Intercompany Solutions is there for you if you want to start the bv in The Netherlands. Are you also curious to start your bv?