Looking for campsites in the Netherlands?

Are you looking for campsites in the Netherlands? Campsites in the Netherlands are very well equipped and developed with the best facilities one can think of. Thus, are you searching for good campsites in the Netherlands? There are plenty ones to pick! The Netherlands is a small country, but has a very diverse environment. Campsites in the Netherlands are therefore never the same and it can be a difficult task to pick the right one. When one is looking for a green environment, a unique campsite with it’s own character or a campsite near to a city, think of Karaktervolle Groene Camping (Green Campsite with Character). We offer the best campsites in the Netherlands, for the best prices. With us, you can never go wrong! Are you a keen walker, do you love to relax at the beach or do you want to visit a lot of museums? Then KGC campsites are definitely a must. Our websites is very easy to use with a lot of options to choose from. But know this: with KGC campsites in the Netherlands, you will have a great holiday! The picturesque villages, the big cities such as Amsterdam and The Hague or the national parks: they will all be an hour away from each other on average. In this way, it is not very hard to think of something to do when you are done with relaxing. Are you looking for campsites in the Netherlands in the middle of nature and with a lot of possibilities for walking trips or for instance beach trips? KGC also offers these types of campsites. Since the Dutch themselves love to camp, you are sure your camping experience will be one you will never forget. This also means there are a lot of campsites in the Netherlands! This is very good news for you, since now you have a whole lot to choose from. But what are you looking for exactly? This is good to know, before you book a spot at a campsite. Camping is really fun, but be well prepared. With KGC you will always be sure of a nice stay, because all the campsites we offer are highly graded! Those that wish to join us must meet our requirements. And those requirements are very high! Focus of our requirements is the size and the serenity of the campsite. Because when you are finally able to relax, you want it to be good, right? Visit our website today and be amazed about the options to choose from. We will not let you down, we promise! We can understand if you might have any questions, so do not hesitate to get in touch.

Campsites in the Netherlands: what do you have in mind?

Campsites in the Netherlands might be very abundant and easy to find; it can be quite hard to find what you are looking for. Do you want to relax completely or absorb the natural environment? Campsites in the Netherlands from Karaktervolle Groene Camping are definitely your best pick, if you are searching for such a camping experience. Imagine yourself in a lush, green environment with the birds singing in the morning. When you are in the neighborhood of a beach, you go for a swim. After that, make your own breakfast and wake the rest of the family. The sun will warm the tent, so be sure to go outside before it gets too hot! Or maybe you are looking for campsites in the Netherlands that are surrounded by woodland or forests. KGC has something for everybody and will go to extremes to help you find what you want. Our website is easy to use and very clear. The campsites that are joined with KGC all have great facilities and surroundings, as well as hospitality. When you are looking for campsites in the Netherlands that:

  • Have a unique character
  • Are small-scale in size
  • Are always in nature: close to a beach or forest,

then you should definitely check our catalogue and make a decision! In this way, you will never experience overcrowded places with too many people. You want to have a quiet and relaxing campsite? Campsites in the Netherlands can usually be very big and without a lot of personal attention. If you are looking to hide from mass tourism, KGC is the website to go to for your holiday!

Listening to the sounds of nature

Camping should be fun and relaxing: away from the daily life filled with stress and things that need to be done from your to-do list! Campsites in the Netherlands can give you this relaxing experience. It is therefore that many previous campers found their campsites through Karaktervolle Groene Campings. Personal attention, not too many people and a comfortable stay: who doesn’t want these things? In addition, the number of pitches that are offered by campsites varies from 40 to 200. Your privacy is pivotal and all the campsites offer enough space between you and your neighbor. Listen to the sounds of nature in the serene surroundings. Walk through forests and visit beaches. And when you want a day off to grab a coffee, there will be a nice city or village not far from you! We offer 36 campsites that can be found in nearly all provinces of the Netherlands. We hope to see you soon as a new customer of KGC!