Do you need CBD?

Why you should choose for CBD? Here is why! Although it is not currently accepted as an officially approved drug, users swear by its use. Thus, it would help against various health problems such as pain, osteoarthritis and even cancer. In addition, it is a drug that allows one to remove the sharp edges of the complaints and also to relax and unwind. Currently, the use of CBD medication is only prescribed for epileptic conditions. The use of this substance, extracted from the hemp plant, is becoming more and more popular, accepted and legal in more and more places. The fact that it has been available in the Netherlands for years is of course not surprising. But in more conservative countries the legalisation and acceptance are now also beginning to grow. This is a good development in view of the fact that CBD is 100% natural. This is not the case with many of the ‚approved‘ medications. The benefits of using CBD are endless, suitable for everyone and different. For example, a student can use it to relax after a long day of study and relieve stress symptoms. And so grandfather Jan, 90 years old, can use it against the pain symptoms associated with his rheumatism. It also has a strong effect on women who either have severe menstrual bleeding or are in menopause. However, it is good to remember that it is not a drug. It is more supportive in the healing process and has a complaint reducing effect. But on CBD alone, a (chronic) disease will not be overcome.

What exactly is CBD?

This is the abbreviation of cannabidiol and is the chemical remnant of the Cannabis sativa plant. This plant is also known as the weed or hemp plant. The action of CBD is calming for both body and mind. But has a great advantage that it has no psychoactive effect. Her brother, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (better known as THC), does have this effect. CBD and THC are the two largest and most important components of the hemp plant. CBD can be found in many different end forms. Think about the following forms:

  • Oils
  • Creams
  • Supplements
  • Capsules
  • Crystals
  • Dermatological

All these final forms of CBD are, in the Netherlands, simply for sale in specialised shops and on the internet. You do not need to have a prescription from a general practitioner.

Does it work for me?

Of course, you want to know if the product of Cibdol works for you. There is only one answer and there is only one way to find out: try it yourself. Too little is known about how CBD works yet to give a scientifically substantiated answer. This has to do with the fact that it often works mentally and is therefore difficult to measure. However, things like a lower heart rate and lower blood pressure do indicate that it works. But because ’nothing‘ heals, it is difficult to conclude that it actually works. For this answer, we still have to rely on the positive experiences of users. However, science has shown that its use, in appropriate doses, is completely safe and responsible.