Climbing the costa del sol property ladder

My wife and I made an investment in costa del sol property many, many years ago. After some early holidays to the south of Spain in our twenties, and after coming into a little extra money in our early thirties, a costa del sol property as a holiday home seemed like an obvious choice. I do not remember any plans to rent the property out, to sell it for a profit or to buy a different, larger costa del sol property further down the line, but that is exactly what has happened, many times over. We are now onto our fifth different costa del sol property, each time making a useful profit, each time moving up to a more spacious, luxurious property. Now, finally, we have reached the stage where our costa del sol property can become our home rather than our holiday home, and once again we are looking to make a change. Our priorities for our home to retire to are slightly different than they were for a holiday home. Now we place more value on:

  • Good insulation;
  • A house which is easy to clean;
  • A quiet environment.

We care less, however, about being as close as possible to the airport, being just five minutes from the sea or having the most beautiful swimming pool. Now we are looking for a comfortable place to spend 300 days a year, or maybe more, until we are well past the age of diving head-first into a swimming pool.

From our first costa del sol property to the last

When we bought our very first costa del sol property all those years ago, the developments and the property market were very different. It was a small, old, run-down Spanish house, beautiful in its own way but entirely lacking in any modern niceties like air-conditioning, a swimming pool or even double-glazing. It was in a beautiful village close to Malaga and close to, at that time, a very quiet, almost deserted, stretch of beach. We used it for 2 or 3 holidays a year when we could, for no more than 2 weeks at a time. Friends and family also made use of the costa del sol property, and it served us well for several years. As the area grew in popularity, we realised that our little second home had become worth a reasonable amount of money, particularly given the little renovations that we had done throughout the years. We decided, particularly with our kids growing up, that we should take the chance to move to a more modern apartment with a communal swimming pool, closer to the city. We were not able to spend as much time in that apartment, but we were able to use it as a holiday rental for friends of friends and that again paid for itself, along with regular renovations and repairs. At this point we made the conscious decision to take advantage of the investment opportunities and extended the holiday rental part of the usage, along with continuing with as much renovation as we could. That and the booming costa del sol property market gave us the space to trade-up to the point we have reached now.

Making our sales and purchases

We have fantastic experiences with Realista. When it is time for us to sell one property and buy the next, we make use of They have a large selection of costa del sol property to choose from, spread through the whole area and have always been friendly and helpful in our transactions.