Buying fireworks online

Dynamic Fireworks offers a wide range of various fireworks, for great prices. No matter what you are looking for, here you will always find the best awe-inspiring light shows. You can order from our website, or go to one of our showrooms in Colchester, Essex and Ipswich, Suffolk. Here you will be advised what is the best for your purpose and fits in your price range. And of course we have the best discount prices, with special sales going on every month. We offer consumer fireworks, but also create displays for parties and official occasions. We specialize in wedding fireworks, for which we have created several display packages that you can choose from to fit your theme.

Consumer fireworks

We have several pieces to choose from, ranging from rockets, barrages and cakes to candles, fountains and mines. For an impressive show you really want barrages, cakes and rockets. These shoot up high in the sky and explode in a vast array of lights and sparks in a spectacular manner. And for a show lower to the ground you should look into ice fountains, wheels, candles, fountains and mines. With these fireworks you get all the show you would get with barrages, cakes and rockets, but lower to the ground. Barrages, cakes and rockets all serve the same purpose: creating huge light shows high up. They all do that by shooting something up, gaining the right height and then exploding there. A rocket differs from a barrage or cake in the way it is shot up. You shoot rockets one by one, not in a huge array, but they can be a lot more powerful. A barrage or cake shoots in a sequence, so you get an easy show, without too much effort. You simply light the fuse and the barrage or cake shoots everything with a pre-set timing in a certain sequence. This allows for amazing shows that really combine everything fireworks can offer in one package. With a barrage or cake colours can be combined in a spectacular way, that you cannot do yourself with just standalone fireworks. However, a single rocket can achieve a lot more height and a larger explosion than a barrage. So depending on what you are looking for, you might choose a rocket, barrage or cake. Of course, the best is to combine the three into an amazing show and to use the best of both worlds.

Discount display packs

In order to help you create the best fireworks shows we have created special display packs, which consist of several pieces of firework and come with a huge discount. A display pack even comes with a preferred firing order, so you can rely on our personal experience and do not have to find out yourself. This way you get it right the first time. Every display pack is hand selected by our experts, so you know you get a fantastic combination of fireworks. The contents of the display packs vary, but usually include plenty of rockets, barrages and cakes to light up the sky. They even come with safety and lighting equipment, so you are fully prepared for firing your display pack. And you get huge discounts on the display packs, which is clearly indicated on the website. These discounts can get as big as £600, depending on what display packs you choose. But even the cheapest display pack comes with £50 discount. Are you looking for something that is a bit more to the ground? Do not despair, because we have a wide range of ice fountains, wheels, candles, fountains and mines. These are perfectly suited for almost every occasion, because they can be easily fired everywhere. They do not shoot up high, but instead create a spectacle low to the ground. But this does not mean that they cannot be impressive: because the action is happening a lot closer to you, you do not need huge arrays of lights. Instead these fireworks a really concentrated display, with lots of variation. Some really give amazing effects are possible with these pieces, such as rotating wheels or continuous fountains that will fire for a long time. These effects cannot be accomplished by a rocket or a barrage. We also provide fireworks for special occasions, such as wedding and parties where you want to dress up your party with just that little bit extra. With years of experience in the business we pride ourselves in our work. We use the latest in digital firing technology to produce the safest displays that use fireworks from all over the world. Our pyrotechnic experts are always up to date with the pyrotechnic industry and know everything about the latest advancements in fireworks. So no matter if you are a consumer looking to light your own fireworks or looking to enlighten your special occasion, Dynamic Fireworks has everything you need. We can help you with everything you need and give you advice. And if you are looking for a professional display we can supply that too. Come by our stores or contact us for our special prices. All consumer fireworks can be purchased from our website too, so if you see something you like it will be delivered to you in a few workdays.

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