Are you ready to start your Dutch company?

Are you ready to start your Dutch company, just like us? We hope you are, because this is your chance to become successful. To become one of the best in your field, the chance to feel good about yourself and to be proud of yourself. We hope you are ready, because if you do not start now, when will you start your Dutch company then? The time is now, don’t let this moment go. What will you read in this  article? The following information will be given. One of the things you need to know if you want to start your Dutch company is what the main requirements are. What do they ask and specifically, what do they want from you in Holland? 

Why you want to choose for The Netherlands if you start your Dutch company

If you visit, you will find out why you should choose for The Netherlands. Amongst others, these are reasons to choose for The Netherlands:
  • The possibility of business immigration
  • The Netherlands is a logistical hub as a gateway to Europe
  • They have leading banks, like ING, ABN Amro and Rabobank
Many more reasons can be found if you visit They have a high tech infrastructure and this is developing very fast. They are a core member of the European Union. Furthermore, one of the benefits of becoming a company owner in The Netherlands is the multitude of sectors the Dutch are really successful in. Dutch companies are famous for  their pioneering and efficient solutions as well as their ideas. Next to this, Holland was ranked the third best country for business this year by Forbes Magazine. The World Economic Forum ranked this country as fifth for being the m most competitive and innovative country in the world. If you are not convinced by now, what 

Do you need information about the Dutch BV?

If you want to start your Dutch company, you have to take a couple of things into consideration. Due to the Covid-19 situation, you may think that it is too difficult to start a Dutch company. That is not true, starting a business in The Netherlands is now even easier, Lawyers in Netherlands state. Have you been thinking bout setting up a business overseas? You are definitely not the first person to come up with this idea but there is so many information on the internet, that a little help in organizing is more than welcome. That is where we appear: to provide information about the Dutch BV. If you want to start your Dutch company, you need to know about this. A BV is a private company with limited liability. In Dutch it is called the Besloten Vennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid‘. In comparison to other jurisdictions, the BV has similar features as the German GmbH as well as the American LLC. You can also think about the English Ltd. A BV is a legal entity and is a good choice if you want to start your Dutch company. Running this private limited company, you are in theory not personally liable for the business debts.